A sunny day in Utah


October 11, 2013

Friday was a sunny day. I first had to take the Consuela to the airport so that she could fly home to Wrinkle Ranch and take care of things. I spent the day exploring more of the local area by car.

I started out by heading towards the north rim of the Grand Canyon. But through the efforts of our Congress it was closed. It was also cold and the ground was covered with snow so there was that. But the views were magnificent as they always are in this part of the country.


Grand views on the way to the Grand Canyon.

I returned through Zion National Park and found the meanies had decided to allow the states to open the parks. Amazingly it looked exactly the same whether it was closed or opened. Beautiful as always.

October 12, 2013


Today I had to get serious about getting to New Mexico to start on the next part of this little journey. I loaded up and left St George on another bright and clear autumn morning.


Just another interesting mountain

I wandered in a southeast direction until I hit Arizona and then headed east. There was nothing much to stop and see along the way if you don’t count the great vistas which are everywhere.


Glenn Canyon

I ended up in Winslow, Arizona and turned in for an early evening of SEC football.


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