Some Days Are Better Than Others

October 13, 2013

So today I had to move on down the road. I am happier when I have a direction and purpose in life. Having said that, I rarely do. I mostly meander and see what happens. But I meander with a purpose.

Today’s purpose was to position myself in ABQ or Albuquerque which has to be the hardest town in the world to spell. Well except for Thibodaux/Thibodeaux which is where I started this long journey.

I spent the day flirting with Route 66 which is by far the best road in the country that basically leads no where. Well it leads to Chicago but that is pretty much no where, unless you happen to be a chalk outline of a body.


It is a Jackrabbit.

I took numerous side trips to see all of the goofy things that make or made Route 66 such an interesting journey back when it took a great number of people out to the Left Coast. It was sad to see that more and more of it falls into disrepair as I-40 routes more and more of the traffic away from it. But towns like Winslow, Holbrook and Gallup keep the fire burning. There are more supersized wigwams and old gas stations and Mom and Pop cafes along Route 66 and it keeps Americana in America.


A wigwam Motel. There are only two of the original seven still working.

I eventually ended up at the Sheraton at ABQ international airport where I turned myself over to the care of Roads Scholar for the next week. I am going to be way more educated at the end of a week.


What a grill.


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