Madrid and Other Cultural Things


October 14, 2013

Last night I sat through a lecture on what the coming week would hold. As to be expected, this trip will have to be altered while the morons in Washington get their act together. But there is still plenty of this great country to see, so we will be on the road in the morning

This morning we had another lecture on the Indian and Spanish influence on Northern New Mexico. As they like to say here, “It ain’t new and it ain’t Mexico”. The Indians tried to kill each other off for several thousand years. Then the Spanish invaders had a shot at it using disease and religion as the weapons of choice. Then the new Americans gave it a shot. They did not succeed either so they named a football team after them, and not a very good one, so that should finish them off. But the Indians are getting even by running casinos and taking the white man’s money, so they will be fine.

We loaded up and got on the road in New Mexico. Out first stop was Madrid (pronounced Mad Rid) an old coal mining town that had gone ghost in the 50’s and 60’s. At one point the entire town could be bought for $250,000 and there were no takers. The hippies and the artists moved in and now it is a thriving little tourist trap.


When is my turn?

But most important is that Madrid is where Maggie’s Diner from “Wild Hogs” is located. It is not actually a diner but a must visit for any aspiring wild hogs.


We moved on to Santé Fe which is one of the art centers in New Mexico and New Mexico is known for its art. After we settled in we had a nice dinner at the hotel and then were entertained by a Native American musician.



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2 responses to “Madrid and Other Cultural Things

  1. Try as I might, I can’t resist commenting on how much I enjoy your sense of humor. Enjoy!


    • Bob

      It is our sense of humor that has sustainded my people for a thousand years. Who my people are are is still a question but I love a good chuckle.


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