Santé Fe

October 15, 2013

In 2008 I wandered down Route 66 through Santé Fe and thought what a cool town and I should come back and visit. Today was the day I did that and I must say it was well worth revisiting. Santé Fe has been around since the early 1600’s as a crossroad of the old Spanish trail and the Santé Fe trail. More recently it has reinvented itself and has redone its buildings in what is known as new Pueblo. It has sidewalk markets around the town square and lots of art shops and restaurants around that.


Typical Santé Fe building.

We started out the day with the requisite lecture and then headed up to Museum Hill. New Mexico prides themselves on their museums and I must say they have a lot of them. We spent a couple of hours wandering around the museums on the hill and then headed down to old town Santé Fe. After a short walking tour we were turned loose to go explore on our own. So I did and had a lot of fun digging around in the old churches and the shops.


A market full of fake veggies.

After returning to the hotel I went out to the Blue Corn Brewery and had a beer with 89 year old Charlie Jackline. Charlie flew Corsairs off of an aircraft carrier in WWII and still works for a living so he can take care of his young wife-she’s 81. I bought Charlie a beer and learned about how he came to New Mexico and flew old Beechcraft in mapping exercise of the west. Of course Charlie could have been a gay, 55 year old who was afraid of heights who like to tell stories but it made for an interesting evening in any case.


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