October 16, 2013

It was a cold and windy morning when we loaded up the bus and headed to Taos. Along the way we stopped at the Santa Clara Indian pueblo to have Paul Speckled Rock show us how they make their artistic Indian pottery. Paul has been doing this since her learned from his grandmother and is now teaching his grand kids to do the same thing. As might be expected it is a laborious process and craftsman way of making a pot. I believe that Pottery World is still going to work best for me.

Next we stopped at St. Francisco de Asis mission church. It was unique for two reasons; 1) it is made out of adobe mud which means it needs to be plastered often, and 20 Georgia O’Keefe used to paint the back wall of the church which seems like a waste of time.


From there we went on to Hacienda Martinez which had been built in 1806. It was a good example of how buildings were built as mini forts in the days of the old west.


We continued on into Taos and settled in for the night.


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