October 17, 2013


A blue door

Today was spent exploring Taos and the local surroundings. It was a cold morning as we made our way to Pueblo Taos, an Indian village that has been in the same location for several hundred years and remains basically unchanged. There are around 2500 of the Taos Indians that belong to this Pueblo and many of them still live there without running water, electricity or ESPN. I don’t know how they do it.


Taos Pueblo

We had a tour of the Pueblo and then were turned loose to explore. The tribe was having a ceremony with about 2 or 300 Taos Indians participating. They played drums and sang songs and had a procession. I had no idea whether they were celebrating a fresh kill or a scalping. The giveaway was that they were all wearing pink and marching in support of breast cancer month.

Then we went to the Millicent Rogers museum. She was a Standard Oil heiress who fell in love with Clark Gable and when that did not work out she came to Taos and collected art. A lot of it is in her museum.

Then it was off to Rio Grand Gorge for a picnic lunch and a walk across a very, very high bridge.


Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Then we went to the plaza in Taos for a tour and lectures on the frescoes in the court house. Then we took a tour of the Ernest Blumenschein museum. Then on to the Kit Carson museum after which we wandered around the plaza and Bent Street. I ended up doing wine tasting and having a brew at the Back Alley Cantina. Then it was off to dinner to finish off a full day.


Thanksgiving window



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2 responses to “Taos

  1. Larry Burnworth

    When I was in the AF I would drive to Taos to ski…. Beautiful area!!! Looks like a great trip so far….. BR; Larry

    Larry E. Burnworth H: 415.453.1128 e-M: l.e.burnworth@comcast.net


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