Drat it. No Zombies


July 15, 2014

So the day started with a lot of promise. They all do. I had lived through the night at the World’s Worse Days Inn. All of my organs were accounted for and most were somewhat functioning so there was no permanent damage done.

The first order of business for the day was to find a place to launch the ZAV (Zombie Attack Vehicle). I normally would just launch from the motel parking lot but I could not risk that. I would have come back and found someone living in my SUV. It was much cleaner than the rooms.

So I went off to one of my favorite places- Costco. Or as I like to call it: The thinking man’s Wal-Mart. They always have huge parking lots with a lot of somewhat normal people around and I felt that it would be safe there as I went off to sweep the area in the ZAV.


Once underway I made my way up the McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway. If one is to hunt for zombies then there is really no reason not to take the scenic route. It is the only civilized thing to do. And this was scenic without a doubt. Mount Washington was sometimes visible in the distance but mostly there were so many trees along the road that it was driving in a green, pine-scented tunnel. The McKenzie River ran along side the road just to add the sparkle of a fast moving river to the mix.


Mount Washington


Goodpasture Covered Bridge

As I got higher the scenery turned to volcanic rock which certainly seemed to hold the possibility of having a zombie or two. But there was nothing. I just settled in and enjoyed the ride while the day warmed up and I climbed higher. Once I got to the town of Sisters I got some fuel for both me and the bike and made the turn to head back to Eugene. The scenery along this section was no less spectacular.


An Apocalyptic scene

The day was hot by the time I got back to where my rig was waiting. I loaded back on the trailer, got a few necessary things from Costco and headed further north on I-5. As I neared Portland I got involved in the perpetual traffic jam that is Portland. I headed east through the town of Boring and stopped in Sandy for the night.

So there are no zombies in these parts. My ride-along duck would have seen them if there had been any out there. He/she/it never misses a chance to sink its beak into a good soft zombie.



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