Much Harder Than I Thought


July 17, 2014

I don’t know what day of the week it is any longer. Not a bad thing really. Better yet, the day started out overcast, cool, and windy. The only thing missing was some drizzly rain. Otherwise, it was what I have come to expect from Washington weather. This was much better.

My first order of business was to go visit my long-lost sister, Nellie. She hasn’t been lost really. I just never have visited her in her new digs in Burlington. WA. She lives in a neighborhood that is much like the one I live in. I don’t think there are any zombies there but she has a couple of neighbors that seemed a little sketchy. After a nice visit and a good lunch at Bob’s Burgers it was time for me to head back on the highway.


Bob, Nellie and Duane

I had made a firm decision the night before that once I visited my sister, I was making the turn. This zombie hunting, in the middle of summer, in the freakishly hot Pacific Northwet (that is not a spelling error) is a job for a younger, much dumber person who has few other options. Not for me. I am not young and I do have other options. The dumb part is up for debate. This trip has not been what I had expected. Few things in my life are what I expect, so that is not so odd.

But I still had some areas that I wanted to explore. I headed out and launched my ZAV at a park along side the river in Monroe, WA. Then I headed up the Stevens Pass scenic byway. I rode US Highway 2 East pretty much by myself for 60 miles. When I got to the summit I found out why I was by myself. The road was closed due to a forest fire in Leavenworth. I turned around, as directed, but I knew that there was a herd of walkers up ahead. That was the real reason for the road closure.


On the way down I was able to take a few pictures since I had the entire road to myself. I found a nice little waterfall, and then there was this fence made up of snow skis.


Cool Waterfall


Fence of Skis

After returning to my tow vehicle I loaded up the Spyder and headed further south. I eventually ended up on I-90 just east of Seattle. I found a Motel Sicks for the night, which was the only option that I had. No internet. But I do have this really odd odor in my room. Perhaps there is a zombie in the wall. Or it could be the cat in the room next door. Or said cat’s owner, because while he looked like he licked himself, he didn’t look that clean. I have SUCH an interesting life.


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