Upgrading my life


I recently had a birthday. That is not such a big deal except that I decided to join the 21st century. technology wise. I got a new I-Phone. I say ‘I got’ because Verizon was more than happy to give me one for the flip phone I have been using for the last 6 years. Three of those years it has been held together with red duct tape because I long ago modified it to accept, sort of, a much larger battery. I could go off for a week without having to worry about a charge and jump start the occasional small car to boot.


Out with the old.

I told my dentist that I had a new I-Phone and he told me I needed a blue tooth to go with it. Who am I to argue? We have known each other quite a while and since I helped put his twins through college he did the blue tooth job for nothing. What a guy. Reception is a little sketchy though.


My new BlueTooth

We had a block party slash birthday party on National Night Out. My dear, sweet neighbors made me this really excellent birthday card that they all signed. This is a really good thing since when I forget their names I just have to look for their picture on my birthday card.


It is not easy to get them all upright at once.

Then one of them, who we call Kathleen to protect her identity, went through a lot of trouble to find a statue of a dog that looked like my book cover. She even painted an oversized tongue on the statue. Now that is just special.


Gizmo and Gizmo

All in all it was a pretty good birthday as those things go. Why did it take so long to report on this? I have a new I-Phone. ‘Nuf said.


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