Update on an Ordinary Life


One of my faithful followers asked why I have not been posting anything on my blog. The easy answer is because I have not been doing anything worth reporting on. I have been holding my feet to the fire on getting a writing project done.



I have mentioned often that editing is easy but editing is hard. Unfortunately, I have been editing the same book repeatedly. After reading it and running it through grammar and spell check I farmed it out to three beta readers. They read it and offered corrections. I dutifully did all of the necessary corrections and reprinted it for the final time.

The very first sentence had a typo  that we had all missed.

I invested in industrial grade editing software and started over. This software showed up every little flaw in my writing and there were a lot of them. I have been going through the book once again and finally got it ready for proof reading this morning. I must be getting to the end with this book because I am completely sick of it, which is how I tell that I am done. We shall see.

I have been working with the drama group in the community getting prepared to put on three skits that I have written. I would compare this to herding cats but in my experience cats will, on occasion, take direction. Not so with this lot. The end is near as we open on May 20 and close on May 21.


I gave them spoons and told them they were microphones-they still don’t know.

I have joined a local hiking club and I have been out with them to take in the local scenery before it turns brown with the summer sun.


Old house in the middle of nowhere

No update would be complete without a softball report. I am with two new teams this year and so it has not gone well. I have only played in 33 games so far so the season is young. I am hitting .640 and intend to improve on that.


Not damaged yet, but give it time.

I did manage to get away to take in a race at Laguna Seca with some friends. I try to make at least one major race event a year. The track is near beautiful Monterey, CA and the races were competitive so it was fun.


Turn four

I always like to have my picture taken with a pretty girl when I am at the track and this year was no exception.


Rather flat chested for my taste.


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May 10, 2015 · 5:14 pm

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