In Search of Beauty and Knowledge


June 25, 2015


It has been a while that I have been held captive in my little neighborhood. I do get out often but I never really get too far. I thought I would try to change all of that.

But first, an explanation as to why I have been sticking so close to Wrinkle Ranch. I have been playing softball, practicing for softball, getting in shape for softball, traveling to and from softball games and just generally frittering away the summer with softball. I have played in 69 games and have been on the winning side remarkably few times. I have been at bat 153 and been able to get on base 99 of those times. While that is better than last year, it is not nearly good enough. But I have not hurt anything in the process of playing those games. I am probably in good enough shape to finish out the season with the two or three teams I play with regularly. I have a soft spot in my schedule so I have decided to take off for parts unknown. The community I live in is not gated so I can get out whenever I want.


I had this trip planned as a motorcycle trip but things have conspired against me. It promises to be over 100 degrees in all parts of the western US over the next week or so and I made a prudent, if not usual, decision to go in my air conditioned cage. I must be getting old. Or smart. Probably old.

So I am off like the lights in the White House. Come along, if you will, and let’s see where this takes me. It is not likely I can get in much trouble driving an SUV but who knows.



June 25, 2015 · 6:11 am

3 responses to “In Search of Beauty and Knowledge

  1. Cindi

    Bob, have fun my friend. Fred & I are just at the end of our 2 1/2 month stay in France. Hard to say goodbye. Hope to see you again one of these days!


  2. Larry Burnworth

    Hope you have a safe trip!! Look forward to our next get together…. Larry

    Larry E. Burnworth H: 415.453.1128 C: 415.517.7999 e-M:


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