Ghost Towns, cowboys, mines et al

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June 26, 2015

I got up early and headed east. My first stop of the day was Wells, NV, a place I have visited before on my brothels tour. I was impressed then that Wells was coming apart at the seams and it has deteriorated even further. Its historic Front Street is pretty much a gravel street and most of the buildings I saw there last time have fallen further into ruin and been carted away. The only thing prospering there are the two brothels and the one Burger King. My theory is that in both establishments ‘You Can Have It Your Way’ and apparently that is what the people want. (I had to work at that, but I got it in there.)


The El Rancho backs up to Front Street so the decay hasn’t claimed it-yet.

But today I was looking for a ghost town. I drove through Wells and continued out into the desert on 6 miles of bad road and then six miles of gravel road. If there is nothing in Wells, there is a lot less of it out in the desert. I was beginning to reconsider my decision to go out there, and even the deer and the rabbits were sitting on the side of the road staring at me giving me their WTF look- Why The Frown.

I finally made it to Metropolis. Apparently Harry P. found things more to his liking out in the desert where there was no water, no timber, and no cable TV.


I thought I was being brave for driving all the way out there in my modern day all wheel drive vehicle and this guy decides to build a town out there. And then he had the sack to call it “Metropolis” like one day he envisioned it being this huge town. From what little that remains it must have been something to behold in its day. But the rabbits killed it off. Really? WTF can a rabbit do to a brick building? I can understand what a bitch those Mormon crickets can be, but now I am just getting into species profiling and we all know that is wrong. So Metropolis’ day has long passed and it is now considered a modern ghost town. If only he could have gotten Pay per View. And some Raid.


Probably a public building of some sort.

Feeling bad for both Metropolis and Wells I moved on. Because just down the way is the Biggest Cowboy in the World- Wendover Will. He was bigger than the biggest dead white bear but not nearly as impressive.


Wendover Will.

Because I was there I stopped and had breakfast at the Salt Flat Café. You cannot travel this section of I-80 and not see the salt flats. They are everywhere. I did go out to where they do the speed runs and the salt looks like melted snow as there is still a lot of water on the flats. A little further down the road was the Morton salt plant which seemed to make sense.


Gonna need a lot of popcorn to use this up.

Then it was into Utah and on to the Bingham mine which claims to be the biggest open pit mine in the world. Why would they even say that? It is .6 miles deep and 2.5 miles wide and they have been digging that hole since 1906. I would have thought they could have done better given that amount of time. Slackers!


This is the outside of it. They wouldn’t let me in.

Off I went on the Neob Scenic byway. I love scenic byways and must have done about half of them in the US by now. This one did not start out as much but as it wound its way up to 9000 feet, I became impressed. There were so many vistas that I have way more pictures than you ever want to see.


Just one of many

As a footnote, in Wendover I found this street sign. Well it wasn’t actually lost and it is not absolutely correct, but at least it is meant for one of my sisters.


I settled in for the night in Payson, UT and realized that while I had been up in the mountains it had gotten hot. It was 100 degrees without a breath of air so it felt a lot hotter. I was once again grateful that the Spyder was left in the barn.



June 26, 2015 · 5:40 am

2 responses to “Ghost Towns, cowboys, mines et al

  1. Larry Burnworth

    Did you take any pic’s of the horses?? Stay cool!! We are departing for the delta with Jim & Donna today…. When are you back, maybe we could meet for lunch at Giusti’s?? Safe trip; Larry

    Larry E. Burnworth H: 415.453.1128 C: 415.517.7999 e-M:


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