Horns, Flies and Holes

In Search of Beauty and Knowledge

June 27, 2015

I was back on the road early enough, heading north on I-15. I took a short detour in Provo, UT to have a look at the very first Kentucky Fried Chicken establishment. I have now been to the first Mickey D’s and the first KFC. These two franchises have killed more Americans than Pall Malls and Lucky Strikes combined, but you have to give the people what they want even if it makes them fat. Yeah I know that they sell salads now as a way to make their food seem healthier. But going to McDonalds for a salad is like going to a prostitute for a hug. Nobody is going to do that.


First KFC

Once I got north of Salt Lake City I headed out on The Logan Canyon Scenic Byway and was treated to more of the beautiful mountains on the western edge of the Rockies. I followed this into Idaho and followed the Oregon Trail Bear Lake Scenic hwy. into Wyoming. There were many beautiful sights along this route and here is just one.


Bear Lake

Somewhere along the way I ran into the world’s biggest fly. I seemed to be obsessed with this size thing, even though I know it doesn’t matter. This fly was bigger than the dead white bear and smaller than Wendover Will. It is 32 feet long and weighs 3 tons. I am not sure who monitors these things or who determines the categories. But it was one really big fly so I took a picture of it and I now share it with you.

Q: How do you make an elephant fly?

A: You start with a six foot zipper….

That was funny in the third grade and it still is funny.


Now all we need is a big trout.

I moved further north and passed through Afton, WY where they decided to make an entry into their very own category of weird big things. They made an arch out of elk horns and put it over their main street. I was a bit speechless over this until I saw many, many more of these along the way, none quite so big. It is 75 feet long and is made up of 3,011 Elk antlers. It begs the question ‘why?’ but I stopped and took a picture so maybe that is the answer.



I continued north until I got to Jackson Hole, WY. I called it an early day because the next town in any direction is about 200 miles of slow driving. I stopped at this hotel where they had this wonderful room for me with a fireplace for $300. It is 90 degrees in Jackson Hotel and it feels like a 110. So I had to ask the obvious question of ‘why would I need a fireplace?’ The answer was that I didn’t, and I got a room without a fireplace for $200. I am not particular where I stay and this room did not exceed expectations. As it turns out $200 is pretty cheap for a room in Jackson Hole, WY.

With my early arrival I had time to go explore Jackson Hole. It is a well known ski destination. It does not play so well in 90 degree heat. But it is very popular judging by the number of people that are here. It is hot, noisy and crowded. I should come back when there is snow.


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June 27, 2015 · 6:29 am

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