Buffalo, Elk, and Bear repellant

In Search of Beauty and Knowledge

June 28, 2015

Warning! Warning! This is mostly a slide show. If that sort of thing bores you then it is best that you move along now. I found beauty today.

Who knows where Grand Teton National Park is? Anyone? Anyone? Beuler? If someone had put that question to me this morning I would have probably answered: the United States.

As it turns out, it is right at the southern entrance to much better known Yellowstone. Yellowstone overshadows Grand Teton although I don’t know why. Next to Yosemite, Grand Teton is the most beautiful place I have ever been. And Grand Teton NP is where I found myself on an early Sunday morning. I probably stopped every ten minutes and took a picture, only a few of which are here. The rest are going in my 2016 calendar. clip_image002

. clip_image004

Jenny Lake


Jackson Lake


Just some pretty wildflowers


Just a pretty waterfall

I did make it to Yellowstone as Grand Teton is not that big. Yellowstone is known for its bubbling volcanic activity and there is no lack of that. These are amazing to see both for the temperature these things are set for and the clarity of the water in them.


The Caldera-whatever the heck that is.

Yellowstone also has some remarkable wildlife. Along the way I have seen my share of deer, rabbits and one lonely coyote, but here in Yellowstone there are a lot of big animals. They don’t seem the least bit afraid of humans. That is okay. I am scared of them.


The result of all of this beauty is that I spent 7 hours traveling 160 miles today. Now I am in Gardiner, MT where I will be staying for a week. Every road in town has been reduced to rubble for purposes of reconstruction. The downtown looks like that old TV series “Northern Exposure’ and yes they do have moose wander down the street. And they advertise bear repellent and offer it on sale. And a beer cost $2.32 at the Blue Goose Saloon. The clientele at the Blue Goose spend their time watching the one cop give out tickets at the one stop sign. My kind of place.


Northern Exposure?

The entrance to Gardiner looks remarkably like the ghost town of Metropolis reported on earlier.


Metropolis or Gardiner?

So why am I here? I am here to study the caldera which I always thought was a sporting goods chain that rivaled Bass Pro Shops. Maybe I am thinking of Cabela’s. Hopefully by the end of the week I will know for sure. I spent the evening having a catered dinner in what looked like an abandoned fire house. I did meet some interesting, like-minded people so maybe this will work out.

So this ends the beauty segment of our program.


Da Da that’s all Folks



June 28, 2015 · 5:19 am

3 responses to “Buffalo, Elk, and Bear repellant

  1. Barbara Jordan

    Jenny Lake here I come. How beautiful our United States.


  2. andre klein

    Since you are in Montana, you might try Glacier Nat. Park. By the way, do you know what Grand tetons really means?


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