Blackfeet guitar player

In Search of Beauty and Knowledge

July 1, 2015

We started out with our usual breakfast at Teddy’s in downtown Gardiner and then we jumped on our new-to-us bus and headed for Yellowstone. We were joined on this trip by Jack Gladstone who is half Blackfeet but who was raised in both the white and Indian culture. His claim to fame is that his U of Washington team beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl when Warren Moon was quarterbacking for UW. He also spent many of his formative summers at his aunts and uncles home in Manteca very near where I now live.

Jack has written any number of ballads that tell the story of the Blackfoot and the settlement of the west by the white man. We went from one outdoor venue to the next where Jack entertained us with his songs.


Jack Gladstone

We did manage to break away for a short hike which was a welcome diversion.


Here are the Roads Scholar hikers

And then we got to see some wildlife. There were the usual bison and elk, but today we got a treat when a female big horn sheep wandered near to where we were having lunch.


Curious sheep

And we also got to see a black bear with her two cubs although getting a picture of these is more difficult as it is best not to get too close to them, especially when there are cubs around.


The cubs are there but are brown and hard to see.

We returned to out motel for dinner, which was in the same garage we had our first dinner in. We were once again entertained by Jack Gladstone with both his original music and a slide show.

Then it was off to bed.


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July 1, 2015 · 5:27 am

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