Geyser Gazing

In Search of Beauty and Knowledge

July 2, 2015

Today we spent the day looking at geysers, warm springs, and mud pots. Yellowstone has 1000 geysers, more than any other place on earth. Iceland used to have a lot but chose to use the geothermal energy as a source of power and now they have only one.

Of course everyone wants to see Old Faithful because it has become the iconic symbol of Yellowstone. Old Faithful is center in a group of hotels and shops and there is a gathering of three to four thousand people who gather to witness it. It is very predictable in its eruption schedule which is about every 90 minutes.


Old Faithful

Surrounding Old Faithful are many other geysers that are all within short walking distance. Our guide was really good and with a bit of luck we walked from one geyser eruption to the next. By far my favorite was Riverside geyser because one can get so close to it and it gushes out over a mountain stream.


Riverside Geyser

Those that are too big to geyser or have not yet developed a nozzle out of which to squirt water are merely hot springs- really hot springs. Most have a temperature approaching boiling but very few actually boil. Most of the roiling water is escaping gas.


A really pretty lake

Then the hot springs spill out into the streams and look like this.


Water from hot spring entering stream

Then there are buffalo, pretty much everywhere. They are not the least bit worried about human interaction. Last night we had to wait while one of them decided to walk down the middle of the road. These are not something you want to hit with the family Prius.


Wallowing buffalo


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July 2, 2015 · 5:44 am

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