Scenic byways

This is a first- writing a blog from an I phone. I love I phones.  I don’t have an IPad though- just a regular couch. 

I left Gardiner at first light. Not because I was stealing the towels from the motel. The towels were so bad that I may send them a few from my garage. I left early because I had a long way to go and lots to see. 

I headed over to Butte, MT and then dropped down to the Salmon River scenic byway. I have made this drive on my motorbike in a previous life and if there is one route worth repeating, then this is it. Being the fourth there were so many people rafting  on the Salmon Rivet and they all looked like they were having so much fun. Everyone should just move to Idaho and Montana in the summer. 

In Stanley I picked up the Sawtooth scenic byway and it was perhaps more scenic and higher than the Salmon River.  I passed through Sun Valley which was a treat for a once upon a time skier like me. 

I made it to a very smokey Twin Falls ID about five and called it a night after ten hours of driving.  I checked into a motel with no internet service.  I am roughing it. 

I am going to post this because my one finger is tired. Remember- iPhones cause misspellings just like guns kill people. I  accept no responsibility. 

Happy Fourth to all. 


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