Birthday Bash 

I have been playing softball over the weekend in Carson City, NV. The team  played pretty well and I played pretty well and that is pretty much all it takes to keep me happy these days.

On Monday I took a serpentine path through Reno, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans and then on to Grand Island to meet up with my sister, Belle and her family.

I got there a little late but they were kind enough to save some boiled crabs and some cold beer for me. I got to catch up with them as I got my fill of crabs.

The crabs had not been biting so we decided to teach them a lesson on Tuesday and not even try to catch any of them. My sister’s 97 year old boyfriend had stocked us up so we were in good shape for crabs. To further teach the crabs a lesson brother-in-law Lou and I went off to buy shrimp from one of the fishing boats on the island. As luck would have it they don’t take American Express and I did not have enough cash. This is where the day took a sideways turn.

When I got back to the camp (a camp is a vacation home on the beach.  It is called ‘camp’ because of the days when there were mostly fishing camps on the island) it was locked. The camp is never locked.

I knocked on the door until it was opened to this: 

A surprise birthday party. It was not my birthday but that did not dissuade this crowd

They proceeded to roast me, give me gag gifts, sing songs in a choreographed manner that indicated they had been working on this for a couple of days.

  A gift from Lou. Actually it was batteries-gift not included. 
A softball cake crafted by two wonderful great nieces  (note custom printed t-shirts by niece Dee,  the crafty one.)

It was such a great party that I did not have the heart to tell them I don’t celebrate birthdays any more


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