The Liars’ Club


I just received copies of my latest book. It is also available on Kindle and Amazon. I hope you enjoy it. There are dead cats, smart dogs, sex changes and one monkey-something for everyone. Enjoy.


bobnaquin_cover 6.25.x9 copy

This is a collection of lies, which doesn’t make

the stories any less true—because truth’s a

funny thing. Sometimes you can learn more from a revealing lie

than reality. And even if you don’t, a good lie makes

for exceptionally entertaining stories.

These are the anecdotes of _ e Liar’s Club—the

urban legends and tall tales that insist on their

veracity, no matter how bizarre and improbable

their details. In this wild world, crooks get their

comeuppance and practical jokers are outdone.

Honest laborers discover gravity isn’t negotiable, and

terrible things happen to some cats with typically

hilarious consequences.

Join author Bob Naquin as he relates these modern

fables, some of which are well-established urban

legends. Others are legends in the making. And

each and every one is a lie—but that’s just fine.

After all, the truth should never get in the way of a

good story.


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September 8, 2015 · 4:10 pm

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