Southwest Swing



No. It is not a dance. Read on.

I have been busy this summer. Well, busy for me. I have played 141 games of senior softball. The reason you have not heard more about it is because this season has sucked. In 141 games I have been put out at bat 143 times. That would be good if I was a major league player but batting .620 at this level is not good at all. I had hoped that I would bat .700 this year but that has not happened. But hope springs eternal….

Now I am on my end-of-season road trip. Today I traveled 500 plus miles so that my team, Damaged Goods, can defend its Western National Championship against all comers in the Las Vegas Tournament of Champions. That sounds like a big deal but in the end we will play teams that we match up with competitively. That part of the schedule takes place over the next three days. But there is more.


Hopefully, after that I will move on to Mesquite and then St George to play more ball and do other things. You will have to come along to see what ‘other things’ I am talking about.

For the next couple of days I will be looking to replace my trusty bat that I discovered was dead yesterday. Going on a tournament swing with a dead bat is like getting into a gunfight with a knife. Knowing that, I left my broken bat at home. I have two other bats with me but they are not up to snuff for this level of play. Oh well. It is not the arrow but the Indian.



It dawned a day that promised to be hot. Unseasonably hot, even for Las Vegas. My first stop of the day was Big League Dreams (a chain of baseball complexes) where I hoped to get in some batting cage practice and maybe find a bat vendor that could hook me up. I got is some batting practice but the bat guy was sick, so off I went to a gun fight carrying only a knife. Note” I spend more money on batting cages then most people spend on Starbucks coffee.

I met up with the team and our first victim was the Texas Rattlers in a seeding round game. We managed to put them away. I played a pretty darn good outfield, pinch ran well, but sucked at the plate, although I was using a teammate’s senior bat.

Next up was another team from Dallas, Texas and we put a real beat down on them in another seeding game. The score was so lopsided that we intentionally had one of our guys make an out to end the game. Bad idea.

Because we did that, instead of being seeded number one, which we should have been because we were the Western National Champions, we ended up 3rd which meant we had to immediately play another game. Mind you, it is now 102 degrees in the shade and we don’t play in the shade. And now we are playing elimination games.

We took on the Las Vegas Sheriffs and soon outdistanced them. They did not score a run until the last inning. We scored a lot of runs in all of our innings. I did my usual pinch running and a little outfield work in a game that we were mainly just resting.

The upshot of the day is that we became the National Champions because the Eastern Champions did not show up to play us, the Western Champions. We were awarded a nice shirt that we had won in Sacramento and another for being the National Champions. There are a couple of championship rings for this too, but I am not into rings. And a trophy and a very expensive bat which the manager gets to keep..

So at the end of a very hot day we were 3-0 and live to play another day. To put a cherry on top, one of my teammates sold me a nice senior bat for $150 to replace my broken one. A good day. Maybe I will even hit the ball with it tomorrow. Stay tuned.



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September 28, 2015 · 7:36 pm

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  1. Larry Burnworth

    Congrats!!!! Sounds like fun…. Good luck, and have a safe trip!! Larry

    Larry E. Burnworth H: 415.453.1128 C: 415.517.7999 e-M:


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