Still Swinging in Las Vegas

Still Swinging


After a 3 and 0 start on Monday we had to get serious on Tuesday. Well serious for a bunch of old guys playing a game.

At 9:30 in the morning we had to face the Texas Rattlers. Again. We had beat them in a close game the day before but that was not the case on this day. We were flat. They were not. They beat us handily.

We sat for a while and then had to face the Texas Eagles. Now we had one loss in a double elimination tournament so one more loss and we would have had to hit the road. But we came up to speed and managed to beat them.

We had to immediately play the team named Tequila. Only problem was that they had left the park for parts unknown. Since we were there and they were not we won by forfeit. This had become a common theme for this tournament.

So we waited a while for out next opponent. It turned out to be the Texas Spurs (these Texas teams were beginning to seem pretty common also) a team we had beat pretty badly the day before. But each day is different and they were a lot tougher this day. But Damamged Goods prevailed which meant that we got to stick around and play again on Wednesday.

So after some 8 hours out in the 100 degree heat we called it a day with a record of 3 and 1. Tomorrow we start early and get it all decided. It has been fun so far.


Six and two and out

On Wednesday we had an early game with the Senior Chiefs from Hawaii. We were slow coming out of the gates and never caught up. We lost 18-13 and we were done. We ended up with a 6-2 record and were in sixth place out of a field of fourteen. It was fun but it is always more fun to win. As a consolation we sat in the parking lot drinking beer at 10 in the morning saying our good-byes as this team is done for the year.

I took a long drive on the scenic byway that skirts Lake Mead.


I went back to Las Vegas and checked into the Grand Desert Resort for a little rest before moving on to the next tournament in Mesquite, NV.


Wish me luck.


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September 30, 2015 · 5:28 am

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