Fast enough-just not old enough


Fast Enough-Just Not Old Enough

October 6, 2015

Another semi-clear day after a night of rain, flash floods, and what passes for bad weather here. St George gets 8 inches of rain a year and it must be trying to catch up. I don’t normally consider the prospect of bad weather in my plans. I tend to plan my life around such inconveniences. Sometimes it does not work out the way I want it to.

We were at a new ball park before light this morning. And the field was wet. Cool. I had never played on a wet field. (California=drought=dry softball fields.) My first at bat, I hit the ball solidly, took off for first base and fell flat on my face in the mud. Not cool. I had hit it far enough that I had time to get up and made it to first safely, with only my pride hurt.

The game continued along that theme. We slid around for a while, hit the ball better than the other team, and ended up winning. It was our only game of the day so I went off to my next adventure-the 50 meter dash.

People tell me that I am fast. It doesn’t feel fast to me so I thought I would get a bench mark by running the 50 meter dash. I joined the track and field event and got to watch quite a bit of the track and some of the field events. It just made me wish that I had signed up for more of the events.

The age groups start at 50 and go up in five year increments to the age of the oldest person there. I heard them announce that some 98 year old had won a gold medal for something or other. Hell he should have been awarded a medal for purchasing his own Depends. I watched a 90 year old woman run the 800 meter and 50 meter. While you did not have to be impressed with her speed, you had to be impressed with her courage.

But I was racing in the 65 year old bracket, which is the most popular bracket. The people competing in these track events seemingly take it very seriously. I was just there to get a time and could see that I was out classed just by the equipment the other guys were wearing. Some of them had shoes on that cost more than my first car. Yikes. Oh! well. You can’t buy speed.

Since there were so many of us we had to run the race in three heats. The entire thing was very professional with electronic timing and instant replay of the finish. Long story short I came in 7th out of 17th. I wasn’t disappointed in that. I ran an 8.06 and I was very disappointed in that. I am pretty sure that I can run it in one-half to a full second quicker.

Sooo, they have rattled the stick in the cage of the tiger. I will be back next year: lighter, faster, more sober and I am going to kick some wrinkled ass.


Where is the Depends aisle?


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October 6, 2015 · 4:51 pm

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