Now It Gets Serious

October 7

Now it gets serious.


On Wednesday we got into double elimination play in our bracket. The first team we faced was PALS out of Canada. We lost to them by one run in a double overtime situation. And that made us mad.

The next team we faced in a must win situation. We mercy ruled to a win. The mercy rule is when you get more than 11 runs ahead after five innings the other team calls it quits.

October 8, 2015

Another must win day.

We had a 6 PM start time which gave me a lot of time to kill before game time. I took a five plus mile hike along the Virgin River and just fell in love with St George. So I went house hunting. It did not take me long to find the house on a spot with a view that would take a person’s eye out. Hmmm?


But we eventually played ball. We won our first game pretty handily and then mercy ruled the next team to another victory. So we are in the medal round and have to play again on Friday.

Now the good part of this is that almost every team has someone on that team that I have played for or against over the last few years. Senior Softball is a pretty small fraternity and it is nice to run into old friends and beat up on guys that were my team mates just last week. Everyone has the right attitude. But everyone wants to win.

10/9/ 2015

The Medal Round

Friday is the day that the medals are determined. We were assured of a Bronze but how far we went had to do with how many teams we could beat. They set em up and we had to knock them down.

Our first opponent was….wait. I can’t even remember. It is has been a hot day out in the sun. Whatever. We beat them and assured ourselves of a Silver medal.

Next team up was the Pals, the team that had put us in the loser round in a double overtime, one run loss situation. Ahh. Revenge is sweet. Or at least the thought of it is sweet.

In our first game we struggled and so did they. Just like in the first game we played against them. Every out and every run was contested. We won 10-9 which is a pretty low score for a softball game. I think the score in the first game was 11-10 in a loss for us. So this team was our match. And we were theirs.

Next up-The Pals. Yes we had to play them again. We had given each other one loss and it was a double elimination tourney. So back we went to fighting tooth and nail. Well, considering our age, there were not that many teeth involved. We beat them. And once again in an unlikely ending the team I was playing for won the gold medal.


So another year of softball comes to close on a positive note. At times I was ready to pitch this entire sport over the edge of a cliff. But I have been on teams that have won the Western State Championship, the National Championship, and now a gold medal at the Huntsman Games. I will use the winter months to get in better shape and consider my options in the spring. I am way too tired to think about that now.


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October 9, 2015 · 5:08 pm

One response to “Now It Gets Serious

  1. Larry Burnworth

    Great stuff!!! Congratulations!!!! I love reading about your adventures….!! I just hope you are not moving to St. George….

    Safe trip home, looking forward to lunch soon!! Larry

    Larry E. Burnworth H: 415.453.1128 C: 415.517.7999 e-M:


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