Heading South

I have arrived at a sad place indeed when the best photo I have to share is one of my new water shoes. But it does fit with the rest of this so read on. 

I am on my way to Louisiana. In the middle of summer.  To go crabbing with my sister and her family on Grand Isle. Hence the new water shoes. My old ones were stolen last year while doing the same thing.  I have thought on it long and hard and I am convinced my sister is involved in an international ring of shoe thieves. She lures unsuspecting people to a barrier island off the coast of Louisiana, feeds and entertains them for a week, and then steals their used , worthless water shoes and ships them to Mexico where they are recycled into automobile tires. Since her entire family is there, I will assume that they are all in on it.  

The rabbit has nothing to do with anything other than being at Sacramento airport. 

I have been bored and boring lately. I am still playing softball but we are in the dog days of summer when things are slow. We have been playing games against the local city council, the firemen and the police department.   We managed to lose them all but they were all close games and good fun. Other than that I have done little with July other than try to beat one heat wave after another by escaping to the coast. I have been the California coast twice where it is always 60 degrees. Now I am off to the Louisiana coast where it is probably quite a bit warmer. But I will only be drinking beer and guarding my shoes so I think I will be able to stand it.

Air Travel

I started traveling by air in the late 60’s when there was a bit of glamour associated with the process. I logged many miles on Flying Tiger Airlines which ferried servicemen back and forth to Viet Nam. My last vision of the US was often of a young leggy mini-skirted young stewardess. My first vision on my return was often the same.  While Flying Tiger Airlines is no more, I am happy to report that the same stewardess are still gainfuly employed by the airlines. 

Passengers now travel in their pajamas rather than suits and ties.  Comfort dogs often share the cabin with passengers adding an earthy, third world flavor to the entire experience.  When I inquired about bringing my comfort chicken on board I was told ‘no’ by the same stewardess who gave me the same answer many years ago. It was in answer to a different question back then. In any case I am holding the airlines responsible for any drop off in Henrietta’s egg production and any mental anguish I suffer. Fresh eggs are comforting to me.

That is enough of my ramblings for now. I am doing this on an I phone.  I am traveling without my lap top for the first time.  Things change.  Well not airline stewardess but things. 


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July 30, 2016 · 8:09 am

One response to “Heading South

  1. Danelle

    Fort Worth, TX, to visit your favorite niece!


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