Wasting Away

It is my third day here and they are starting to all run together which is not a bad thing.

I arrived on Grand Isle at noon on Sunday and helped settle in for the week.  Nieces and grand nieces and nephews with an occasional boy friend thrown in started to arrive. We all traded hugs and caught up with the news from each other. Then we got down to the serious business of eating and drinking. 

Before dawn on Monday my sister, aka the Crab Queen, got me up to hit the beach like it was D-Day. Of course our landing craft was a golf cart loaded with all of the equipment we needed to attack  an animal that is maybe three inches high on a good day. 

We set our lines and traps and started netting  them in. We probably ended up with six dozen keepers so it was a good start. We had them for lunch. 

I also was introduced to cast netting.  I caught two crabs and one shrimp. I had the shrimp for dinner. I also caught about fifty mullets but they all went back in. 

I did find my water shoes safely tethered to a pole so take that shoe theives. Thanks niece Dee and nephew Mike.  I know I will be able to Depends on you when that day comes, if you catch my drift. 

On Tuesday we all had to participate in the Grand Isle Olympics. Just think of it as games for drunk spastics. After opening ceremonies we had about twenty events with most of them ending in a tie and an argument. The last one was the Sasquatch race pictured below. 

So I continue to waste away.  Some days the crab bite is on , some days not. Some days I catch a shrimp , some days not. The only constant is good food and good company.  

Camp Milky Way-Fun Central


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August 2, 2016 · 1:50 pm

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