It only hurts me when it rains

Wednesday  August  3, 2016
It rains a lot in Louisiana. Duh! News flash that. In any case we woke up to a gentle rain that put us slightly off of our pace. The rain is not a bother so much as the lightning that accompanies it .  It is great time to sit on the porch swings and visit. The crab and the fish have to catch themselves when it rains. It is too dangerous for me to do.

After a slow start we busied ourselves with home improvement projects. The Milky Way camp needed a small wiring job done and we got to it.  There are no small wiring jobs and this one was no different. We took a break for lunch and managed to finish half of it by early afternoon.

The crab queen and crew returned to the beach in the afternoon while I stayed at the camp and monitored the beer supply. They returned later with about four dozen crabs and we still had beer so everyone was happy. Me especially. We tried to boil up all of the crabs but had more then could fit in the pot. It is a big pot. We let the extra crabs sleep in the refrigerator to await execution on another day.  

We had shrimp too.  But these we got off of a boat in Golden Meadow. 

Thursday August 4, 2016

Back to the beach on early morning. But the sea gods were on the side of the crabs.  The gulf was so rough that it was difficult to stand up in the water and catch the sneaky critter.

So it was back to the camp to finish the electrical work. We finished that in short order and got to the business of the day which is eating and drinking. Pretty much every day is given over in large part to eating and drinking. 

Friday August 5, 2016

Another rough ocean day so we passed on the crabbing. We had our full of them anyway. I busied myself with a morning jog, picture taking and a walk with my sister and niece. 

The afternoon was used up taking boat ride and shopping for gifts. Then we sat on the upper deck and finished off another great week on Grand Isle. 



August 5, 2016 · 5:58 pm

2 responses to “It only hurts me when it rains

  1. Brian

    It’s been over a week since you last posted. Too much beer and crab?


    • Bob

      Well I did come home and joined my version of reality. I am seriously training now for the senior games. It is a shame they don’t offer crab eating and beer drinking because I could be a contender in those events.


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