Steps 3 and 3.5

I finished up my visit in Spokane and drove across the state. Again. Driving across Washington state twice, in 26 hours, is perhaps not the best plan.

But I arrived in Leavenworth which is a built to purpose Bavarian  town.  It was packed with people on a sunny fall day and I am guessing they don’t have too many of them.  Everything is named icicle this and Rudolph that so perhaps they cater to a cold tolerant crowd.

I made it over to the Silvara vineyard which is located up a gravel road on top of a hill with a nice view of the surrounding mountains

I met up with sisters Nellie and Maxine and their husbands in training Duane and Dan. We proceeded to catch up until the wedding of niece, Beth, and her new husband in training, Keith, took place.   It was a nice ceremony. It was short and there was wine.

There needs to be more wine at weddings.

Then we proceeded to eat, visit, drink, visit, dance, drink etc.  A typical wedding. More fun than most.

Off to bed fairly early and then on the road again to SeaTac airport. If everything goes to plan I should be home by mid afternoon to get ready for step five. I am glad I am not an alcoholic.  Twelve steps would just be too much.

Update:  I arrived home and got busy packing for the next two weeks on the road. It is hard to pack for a trip that includes softball tournaments with two different teams, evening clothes for the Las Vegas night life, a tack event and the training that goes into all of the aforementioned.  I am glad my car holds a lot of stuff.

Update: Crying, sobbing woman was on the plane with me again.  She was seated four rows ahead of me so I had no way of knowing if her coping skills had been improved.


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September 25, 2016 · 9:47 am

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