Step 8

October 2, 2016

I had time to kill before I took off for St George, Utah so I took a walk along the strip in Las Vegas.   I had spent some time in Las Vegas a few years back and was impressed with how ghetto Las Vegas got a block from the strip. On this trip, I was struck by how there was now a beggar on every corner and on every on ramp.   Now I am here to report that the strip has turned into a sewer.  I saw more homeless people, some without clothes, sleeping on the side walks of Las Vegas Blvd.  I witnessed a man in a fight with a bus driver.  After a couple of miles of that I wrote off Las Vegas. While the casinos are still somewhat safe, I expect that they will not be so for much longer. I never was a fan of Las Vegas any way, so it is not big loss to me.

I hopped in my car and headed 120 east to St George.  St George is everything that Las Vegas is not: Clean streets, clean air, nice people, beautiful scenery. I started shopping for a house before I even got all the way into town.

st george 2.jpg

I did check into my hotel and got checked in as a participant at the convention center.  I intend to play softball for my neighborhood team, the Woodbridge Wolverines, and then run track in the shorter events. I found out where and when my events would be held and then got around to the mundane task of doing laundry and  grocery shopping.  I don’t play ball until Monday afternoon so I have some time to kill in the morning. Either way I am calling step eight complete.



October 2, 2016 · 5:37 pm

2 responses to “Step 8

  1. Surprises me to hear about Las Vegas, but was never a fan of the place. Now St. George,…that’s another story. Serene, bucolic (maybe), sterile perhaps and clean. The red rocks are incredible. I went to the Senior Games in 2009 and loved the whole atmosphere.
    Have a great time. Brings back tons of memories.


  2. Lynn Sutton

    Love your adventurous spirit, Bobby! ♡


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