As I Was Going to St George

December 20, 2016


St George, Utah

Whenever I tell someone, I am moving to St George I feel like I just said the first line of a limerick.

As I was going to St George,

I met a woman named Marge.

She was shapely and sweet,

From her head to her feet,

Although her butt was quite large.

Okay, I did not put a lot of thought into that and I only know so many words that rhyme with ‘George’. Now if I were moving to Nantucket it would be a whole ‘nother story.

However, it is St George I have chosen. It turns out there is not a lot that goes into relocating:

1) Sell a house

2) But another house

3) Move

Selling my house was easy. I have a nice house in a desirable neighborhood, I hired a competent real estate company and seventeen days later, it was done. A couple from New Hampshire bought it sight unseen. I am quite certain they are going to like the weather a lot better in California.

Buying a house was not much harder. A quick trip to St George and selecting from any number of good choices was all it took. The entire thing took four days and two of those days, I was driving. I could have bought any of a half dozen houses and been quite content. As it turned out, I bought pretty much the same house I live in now. Of course, it has a four-car garage and a decent view of the desert hills so that is a bit of a bonus.


Sadly, the last time I saw my new house it looked like this.

Moving also has not been much of a hassle-yet. I hired a reputable moving company and I have packed up my stuff. I suspect the actual move will lead to hassle or two but I remain positive. Moving over Christmas has its challenges but what little adventure doesn’t?

Then I entered the wait stage. Waiting for my house to be completed in St George. Waiting for the sale of my buyer’s house. Waiting for the sale of my existing house to be completed. I hate waiting.

But I have been busy with the production of my last play, “Homeless for the Holidays”. It is a Christmas story about a homeless person. How ironic since I will be homeless for the holidays. I am often traveling over the holidays so it is not as big a deal as one might think.


The theater at my new home

Then I have been doing the goodbye tour. My neighbors had a nice lunch with about a hundred people there to send me off. That got many of the goodbyes out of the way. Then I have been having individual meals with people who have been special to me for some time. It has all been very sweet and caused me to reconsider my decision to move.

So why would I leave friends who I have accumulated over forty years of living in California? I do not have a good answer for that except that I have been cursed with a restless soul. It has been urging me onward for some time, until it was not a matter of if I would move, but more a matter of where. St George always impressed me as nice place so it has won the lottery-for now.

I really love the little community I live in now. It has the feel of a resort. The weather is delightful, usually, and it is hard for me to go for a jog or walk to the gym without having to stop and talk with someone I know. I call it the Velvet Rut just because it is so easy to just stay here and relax. But I am not ready for a rut just yet, velvet or otherwise.

The place I am moving to could also be considered a Velvet Rut since it is pretty much the same type of community only with more of it. However, it is a new rut and I like that idea. Having lived in the swamps of Louisiana, the mountains of Germany and the big valley of California, I like the idea of living in the high desert of the Mojave. I have traveled these United States by planes, trains and motorcycle so it is not as if I am making an uninformed choice. The choice I am making may be wrong, but it is that little unknown that makes it feel like an adventure.


Sun River, Utah

Whenever I tell someone I am moving to Utah they ask: “What’s her name?” There is no ‘her’. I quite honestly don’t know a soul in Utah other than my real estate people. Well there is Bob. He is a neighbor I met while looking at a house. Before I knew it, I was sitting with Bob on his patio and listening to his life story. So making friends is just about that easy. Bob has a telescope so I am going to go visit him once I am moved in. In addition, he has beer.

The next question I am asked is “How many wives are you going to have?” You see, Utah is two-thirds Mormon and they supposedly practice polygamy. Polygamy is against federal law. So is smoking pot and we all know how well that is working out for the Feds. I am more likely to smoke a lot of pot than gather a lot of wives. I am not very likely to do either.

I am going to Utah because I want to train more for both softball and track. St George is the home of the Senior Games and, as such, there is a lot of interest in, you guessed it-games. The air is clear, the population is the youngest in the US, there is no graffiti, the roads are smooth, there is little traffic and little crime.

There are hiking trails, and running trails and bicycling trails. I can ATV right out of my four-car garage and go for days in the open desert. I may be a little long in the tooth for some of those things but I have been living on borrowed time for quite a while now.

So the next time you hear from me will be from St George, Utah or somewhere along the way. Merry Christmas and all the best to you and yours throughout the holiday season and for years to come.



December 20, 2016 · 3:06 pm

2 responses to “As I Was Going to St George

  1. Christine Riggs

    Bob, I wish the very best to you in your new adventures! I’m sorry I missed your lunch and yes, you will be missed and talked about in this community you are leaving behind. I know you will do well wherever you are! Happy trails my friend. Chris Riggs


  2. Karen Burnworth

    We are going to miss you but hope to come visit you next year in your new digs. And are sorry we never got our lunch in before you took off – the days just flew.

    Merry Christmas to you and our very best wishes for a happy next year!!!



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