As I was going to St George (cont.)


December 22, 2016

Of the three major decisions one must make to have a relocation go smoothly, picking a moving company is perhaps the hardest. There are all manners of moving companies out there from Starving Students to Two Guys with a Truck, to PODS, to Mayflower and Bekins. It is hard to determine which are legitimate companies and which are not. Making an interstate move, removes quite a few from the running, presumably because of federal regulations. Picking the wrong one from the remaining contenders means you will have to buy your crap back on EBay. Picking the correct one means you will have a much less stressful move. I chose Bekins just because I recognized the name from their frequent visits to my neighborhood.

Moving day arrived on Thursday with the moving company expected at 8 AM. Of course, they did not show up until 10 but in today’s society that is considered on time. What they lacked in promptness, they made up for in numbers and the size of the truck that they brought.


It was a big truck for a little house

They all got busy, packing, hauling and eating. There wasn’t much to eat in the house but they ate it all. Then they stripped the orange trees of fruit. In short order they had all my stuff on board and left my house with nothing but a lingering smell to note that they had been there. I think they went to lunch.

I got busy cleaning and visiting. I had a constant stream of people stopping by to say so long as I cleaned up my house for the new owners which were going to get it the next day. I soon realized that you can’t make one thing clean without making another thing dirty.

Somewhere around 10 P.M. I had it in a presentable condition. My car was loaded with my three legged motorbike in tow. I was faced with a weather situation that had me somewhat concerned A storm was moving into California early on Friday and a winter storm warning was out for the state of Utah on Saturday. I considered my options and made what I thought was the least bad option: Fight the storm in California on Friday and then take on the snowstorm in Utah when I was fresh on Saturday.

I woke up at 3:30 AM and cleaned a little more. There is always something else to clean. By 4:30 I was heading south east in a drizzling rain. That lasted about 30 minutes and that was it. I got ahead of the storm and just kept driving. By 4:30 in the afternoon I was in St George without any weather problems at all. I checked into a hotel, had a beer and a salad and crashed.


December 24, 2016

I awoke to a steady rain but no snow. It was snowing everywhere in Utah except in St George. That is why they call it Dixie. I was feeling pretty good about things in general until I went to check on my house.

Wow! And I don’t mean that in a good way. They have worked on it since I last saw it a month ago but there is so much that is undone. I don’t see how I can possible move into that house by Wednesday, but I remain hopeful. There is not anything I can do about it in any case. With four days to go, two of which are holidays there are going to have to be a ton of people working on that on house on Monday and Tuesday. Maybe they will get the Bekins people to work on it. I hope they have something for them to eat.


1384 W Silk Berry Dr., St George, Utah 84790


December 25, 2016

After a steady all day rain on Saturday, Christmas was clear and cold. The mountains surrounding St George were all covered with snow, making this part of the high desert so beautiful that it validated my decision to move to Utah.

I did a little exploring of the town by car trying to get myself oriented a little better. I had been here a number of times prior to the decision to move here so I pretty much knew my way around.

I worked up the courage to go visit my house under construction. I thought that it would at least look more positive on a clear day than it had the day before. It not only looked better, there was a mason putting the stone veneer on the fireplace. I felt a bit bad that he was having to work on a Christmas morning but after talking to him decided that he was a transient construction worker who probably had no family any closer than Mexico. He made me more hopeful that my home would be completed at some point in the near future so that was his Christmas gift to me.

I then did a jog walk thing along the Virgin River which winds its way through the St George area. There is a walking-riding trail along the river and many other trails that branch off into various areas of the town. The trail system around St George is extensive and I have no hope of ever traveling them all.

The living room


December 26, 2016

I visited my home again thinking there would be little activity since this day was the official holiday for Christmas. I was wrong. There were so many workmen’s trucks around my house that it was hard to park. The mason was now working on the front of the house and there were many people working on the landscaping. The extent of the landscaping they were doing is once again impressive. I would have been content with some rock and gravel seeing as I live in a desert. But they were putting in curbing, a water feature and they were promising to eventually put in lawn. I am okay with all of that because I don’t have to care for any of it.

I went out and explored a bit more chewing up most of the day that way. I did go back at the end of the day and was impressed with how much they had done. I was also impressed with how much more there was to be done. There was someone cleaning up the insides so that at least looked like they were getting to the end. It did if you overlooked the missing plumbing and a dozen other things that needed to be done inside.


Bedroom two


December 27, 2016

After breakfast I went up to look at my house. Wow! There were so many people working on it inside and out. My friendly mason was still at it. The landscape crew was remaining positive. A drywall guy was doing what touch up that was needed. And a plumber was busily finishing up his tasks. The cleaning crew was still at it. Short of appliances, the house was mostly livable.

I got a call from my moving van driver to tell me he was on the way. I went to the sales office to check on the final walk through and ran into a bit of glitch. A few phone calls and things were put back in order for a 10 AM walk through. Good thing since I had a moving van showing up at noon.

I went out for a training run since there was little else for me to do. Part of the deal with moving here is to get into better shape. This move has put a dent in my workout routine. The altitude in St George is 2500 feet which will take some time to adjust to. Again, I went to the trail on a sunny, mid-forties day and worked up a good sweat.


The living room looking out

Wednesday Moving Day

December 28, 2016

I checked out of my very nice Holiday Inn, hooked up to my motorcycle trailer and went out to my new home to do a walk through. I was once again amazed at how many people were still working on it. The gutter guys, the bricklayers, the stone mason and the cleaning crew were all very busy. Even more amazing was that the stone mason was still putting the veneer on the fireplace. There were other people working and I was not quite sure what they were doing. One was painting the vent pipes on the roof. Details!

I got my walk through and had all the little things about the house explained to me. The most imposing items were the washer and dryer that came with the house. They have more controls on them then the space shuttle. Everything else was the latest technology and pretty easy to understand. We made up a punch list and called it good.

I signed off on about inch of papers that resulted in me owning the house. Then it was back to the house to  unload the little I had in the car and then wait on the moving truck. It arrived right on schedule and the two guys got busy unloading, assembling and locating my stuff. They took off about 4 PM leaving me the chore of unpacking all of the boxes. I stayed busy with that until about 11.

The entry way

Thursday Unpacking Day

December 29, 2016

After a few hours of sleep I was back at it by five. It was like having a big giant Christmas where I got to open all of these mystery packages. The cable guy showed up and made short work of getting my internet and TV up. With one of the endless bowl games on I worked steadily for a few more hours. I took a break and went for a conditioning walk/run along the Virgin River. I went to bed on Thursday night thinking that this moving thing is not a big deal.


Master bedroom

Friday The End

December 30, 2016

After a leisurely start to my day, drinking coffee in my new office, I finished with both the office and the living room. Once done with that I called it complete. There is stuff to hang on the walls and a few boxes left to open but I am done. I took, what will no doubt be one of many trips to Lowes, had a couple of beers, and took about a two hour nap in front of the fireplace. I am as relaxed as the US immigration policy. I am very content with my new home and I expect to be happy here. So that is it. At least until I get restless again.


The galley and the end



December 31, 2016 · 4:38 pm

2 responses to “As I was going to St George (cont.)

  1. Barbara Jordan

    Robert your home is beautiful. The view is spectacular. I am
    happy for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karen Burnworth

    Happy New Year buddy – we look forward to visiting you and enjoying St George. The pictures of your new home look wonderful – beware of the ‘casserole brigade’ 🙂 a nice looking single guy like you – well, enjoy the attention.

    We miss you and hope you are settled in and love the new environment

    All the best to you in 2017

    K & L

    Liked by 1 person

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