The First Seven Days


January 1-7, 2017


The view from the back yard

The move is over. That does not mean that every box is unpacked or that every picture has been hung. I have the rest of my life to do that. I also had other things associated with moving that needed taking care of.

I found a motorcycle riders group on Meetup and joined them in a New Year’s Day ride to Mesquite, NV, which is not that far away. They were a nice bunch of people; they were all named Bill and all owned Honda Gold Wings, so it made it easy to remember their names. We had a nice brunch at Casa Blanca Casino and took the back roads home. A good first ride and I am sure I will go ride with these guys again.

The next order of business was a Utah driver’s license. In California, this is a simple process. You show up at the DMV, which resembles a United Nations convention, wait in line for some time, fog a mirror, and pick up your driver’s license. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you have enough breath in your body to make a mirror fog up you are qualified to live and drive in California.

Utah has a different program. Silly me, I made an appointment with the Utah DMV. There was no reason for this. When I showed up the people working there and the number of customers was about equal, so no waiting. What a concept. I told them what I wanted and they told me what I needed: A passport, a social security card, closing statement on my house, and utility bills on my new home. I had none of that since I had not moved into my home yet. So I left.

I returned on Monday with my closing statement, passport and utility bills. (This time I was the only customer there.) I had other forms of ID but they would accept nothing less than my social security card or a W-2 form. I had not seen either of these in more years than I could remember so I returned home thinking I would have to get either get a job or apply for a social security card.

But, as luck would have it I found my social security card, still attached the way it was mailed to me many years prior. I cannot ever think of a time I have needed my social security card. I went back the DMV the next day, still the only person there, and got my driver’s license. Whew! Now I am legal and very proud that I got all of that done before Trump builds that wall around California he keeps talking about.

I tried to register my vehicles but ran into trouble there also. Since I lease my car, I had to get permission for the lease company to register it in Utah. Then they have to see each vehicle and verify the VIN number of each. And inspect any vehicle that is over 3 years old. I put a pin in that for later consideration.

I went to lunch with a singles group. I think it is nice they the Casserole Patrol has organized itself into a single entity. It makes it easier for me to defend myself. In Manteca, they were allowed to run all willy-nilly. This was another nice bunch of people and I am certain I will have fun with them in a non-Viagra sort of way.

The homebuilder came by and made up a punch list for my house. It was an amazingly short list considering how they were working on it to the very end. That started a sequence of events whereby workmen stealthily came by and fixed things without me knowing about it until after they were done. I am not big on locking up my house so they can come and go pretty much as they wish.

On Thursday, the fifth, a winter storm passed through. I woke up on Friday morning to my community being blanketed in snow. It was pretty in a “I don’t-have-to-go-out-in-it-so-what-do-I-care” sort of way.

I started working out at the very nice gym they have here. I decided to take some of the workout classes they offer. I took a kick boxing class that was led by this fit grey haired woman who was pretty much just a spine with a set of boobs attached. The only thing that was kicked in that class was my butt. I was surprised with how strenuous the class ended up being. I really have to do more cardio and this may be the way to go. Being the glutton for punishment, I took another one of her classes and got pretty much the same result.


The other view from the back


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January 7, 2017 · 5:48 pm

One response to “The First Seven Days

  1. Larry E. Burnworth

    What great view…!! What is your elevation there??

    Sounds pretty nice….

    I hope you have a great New Year!!

    We are missing you already….

    Lot’s of love; Larry & Karen

    Larry E. Burnworth H: 415.453.1128 C: 415.517.7999 e-M:


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