Concealed Carry




I recently moved to the southwest corner of Utah and have yet to regret that decision. The air is clean. The roads are smooth. There is no litter. There is no graffiti. The weather is good. The scenery is awesome at every turn. Yada. Yada. Yada.

I have noticed that people are very polite. Not me, but people. I wondered about it and now I think I may know why.

I was having dinner with a group of people that I barely know. I happened to be sitting next to two ladies and this is the conversation that they were having:

Lady One: I have to get out and buy a new purse this weekend. I have been using the same 12 purses for the last 10 years and it is time I got a new one.

Lady Two: Get one of these. (She shows her the purse she has with her.) You can put your handgun right in here.


Lady One: Oh that won’t work. I carry a forty-five and I need a much bigger purse to carry the weight of it.

I am certain I have never had dinner with two women who were both packing heat. I now understand why everyone is so polite. Now, so am I.



February 10, 2017 · 3:18 am

2 responses to “Concealed Carry

  1. Janis Kruger

    I am SO loving your posts on your blog. I especially enjoyed this one regarding the “concealed carry”. Sometimes, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. I am preparing to take a course, and start “packing heat” as well. I thought it a wise decision, since I’m getting into the Real Estate business, and you never know who you might run into. Stay safe, my friend.


  2. Larry E. Burnworth

    My kind of place!!! 😎😎😎

    Larry E. Burnworth H: 415.453.1128 C: 415.517.7999 e-M:


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