Update on My Elevated Life.


March 17. 2017

I have been living in St George for almost three months. It occurred to me that I have been doing enough stuff that I would start forgetting if I did not write it down. So here it is.

Of course, I have been busy with the normal new house things. There are a few repairs that needed to be made and scheduling different workers for different tasks has been taking up some time. Then there is my garage project that went sideways when it was half done. I undid it all, started over, and just today put in the last few pieces of tile. There is always something else to do but it is ‘done’ for now.


I have taken about a hundred pictures out of my back yard and have yet to come close to capturing the view. Just come see it for yourself.


I have joined a couple of softball leagues but I only play in one and I don’t play in that one very often. I have a problem with a rotator cuff that is not going to get better so I am nursing it. When it finishes breaking, and it will, I will need surgery and I am not going to do that any sooner than necessary.

I have taken up pickle ball to fill in the gap. It is easier on my arm but pretty challenging physically. I did the smart thing and took lessons since it is not an intuitive game. It is well organized here and nationally with everyone having to work their way up in the rankings. I have been ranked three times in 6 weeks but believe that I will be staying at my present ranking until I win a few tournaments. Unlike softball, it is a great game for people with a few miles on the odometer. It is named after a dog and has nothing to do with pickles, in case you were wondering


I go out to eat a lot. I somehow have met different groups of people that love to go out and eat. I love to eat, in or out, so I am enjoying that a lot. Sometimes we go to the theater but mostly we eat.

My very best friend for more years than I can remember came to visit. John Wayne Warren and I have had many adventures together, some of which have been reported here. The really good adventures never are reported which is why we are still good friends after so many years. John was escaping the horrid weather on the west coast and we got to go to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a couple of NASCAR races. John is the ultimate lug nut so it was fun.


When we were not at the races, we were busy making modifications to my sim racer. As the name implies, it simulates a racecar, enough so that after about twenty minutes one is ready to get out of it. I have enough money invested in this to purchase a good used car. Moreover, much like a racecar or a mistress, it always needs something else. At least at my age I still have hopes of driving a racecar. A mistress, not so much.

So there you have it. There is much more but I had to get this out because I will be busy traveling for the next week or so. Stay tuned. You never know where I will turn up.

I love the view from my backyard.clip_image010



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March 17, 2017 · 1:32 pm

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